Max wears the T-shirt that I designed it!!!



Hello and welcome to Naru Art Works! I'm so glad you are here and hope you will enjoy visiting my site.
My name is Naru and as you can see, I have two great passions in life - art and music.
My instrument of choice is the trumpet because it lets me express the power and freedom of music in my favorite genre, jazz!
If you watch the YouTube video on this page, you can feel my soul and expression in the music and I hope you will see it in my art too.
I work mainly with watercolors and digital media and my style typically features strong splashes of color and bold, solid lines.
If you like my artwork and would like to commission an original piece or if you would like a T-shirt or tote bag with one of my designs, please let me know. You can contact me on Facebook Messenger. Please also follow me on Instagram at naruart2020!
Italian jazz genius, Max Ionata features my art on his website, Facebook and YouTube channel. He also plays his sax while wearing my art T-shirts. His support is so encouraging and exciting so thank you Max for your super support!
I thrive on the energy and excitement of life all around me and see them as colors and hear them as music everywhere I go.
Please join me in exploring this incredible world and vision of art and music together!



NARU ART WORKSと連絡が取りたい場合は、左のFacebookより、メッセージを送信してください

If you have any questions or enquiries about my art or music, please contact me on Facebook Messenger.
It'll be great to hear from you!

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